Room 12, The Deer room renovations

We started renovating this room 6 months ago and are almost completed, just a few more touches to go but it’s ready for guests.

First fishing boats on the bay

For those calling about the Bay and Ice conditions, 2 boats left the Marina this morning and were able to move through the thin layer of ice. The water is open mid way through the bay.

Spring is finally here!

My spring fever starts in February, I have an addiction to seed catalogues. They lay in a heap beside my bed as I go through each one dreaming of the smell of the fresh earth and warm sun on my face. This year has been particularly difficult and put my plans on halt until this week. I had to laugh when 2 weeks ago one of my first live plant shipments arrived with a cute little note inside telling my it was the perfect time to plant the little beauties. Here are a few pictures of what’s been happening here.



No words needed 🙂 Happy Fall Everyone!!

Starry Starry Night

Mark your calendars and kick off the Holiday Season with us as we celebrate “Black Friday” Grand Marais Style. This is my favorite event of the year. The first kiss of winter finds eager holiday shoppers dressed in their favorite warm sweaters and snow boots searching for the perfect handcrafted, Michigan made gifts. Christmas Carols can be heard ringing from local store fronts, smells of cookies and coffee permeate the air, and rosy cheeks kissed with cold behold the smiles of the seasons delights.

Our tiny town is blessed with some of the best and brightest artisans and craftsman. There is something very special in every piece that is created here. They say when you walk on the beach of Superior and the sand filters through your toes that it changes you, it molds you, it creates you. I see it in every perfect photo, necklace and wood carving.  We are blessed to live here and grateful to share it with you.

November 24th 2017

4:00-9:00 PM

Stay tuned for maps and additional information. We will be participating and ready to share our love of the area and season with you.

See you on the Hill

A perfect spot to relax

It has been a busy spring up here on the hill. As my project season winds down I am looking forward to enjoying some of the fruits of my labor.  We still have a few larger projects that we are working on, I am getting a greenhouse! I am overjoyed to be able to start some of my own annual flowers and a few veggies.

Normal weather is promised to return this week! Although the rain has done wonders for my gardens and yard, I am ready for a few nice days. We did have great weather for this years Splash in. I think I counted 12 Sea Planes. I always love seeing and hearing them fly over here every year.

All Strings Considered will be returning again this year. Mark your calendars for July 8th from 6:00 to 8:00 P.M.  It is always a joy to host this outdoor event.

See you on the Hill 🙂



Not Just Another Vase


When displaying flowers and Holiday arrangements here at Hilltop Cabins I am always searching for creative, attractive containers. I believe I have hit the jackpot with this one! It was so simple and the items I used were free or repurposed:

  • Old rusty bait bucket (they come in two parts)
  • Large spaghetti jar
  • string of outdoor lights
  • flowers

For this project I used the inside part of the bait bucket, the remaining outside part looks just like a regular bucket with no lid or holes and can be used to hold kindling beside a fireplace or scented pine cones at your door. Or save it for spring and plant some flowers in it like I did.


Oh, did I mention I found all of these buckets for free!!

To assemble your flower arrangement, place your jar inside the bait bucket and wrap your string of lights (I used led lights I won at a silent auction) making sure that the male end of the plug hangs slightly out the back. Last but not least, fill the jar with water, add flowers and enjoy!

UP North Waterfall Tour

Wagner falls

Fall is a great time to capture that perfect waterfall photo. Whether it's a little known waterfall like Wagner Falls (pictured above) or the majestic, well know beauty of Tahquamenon Falls. Plan your trip today and enjoy a savings of 30% or more on room packages.

Miners Falls in Munising Michigan